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As promised, following on from last week’s post on business security, this week we’re going to outline the benefits installing a CCTV system can offer. CCTV is becoming increasingly popular – thanks to the affordability of the latest systems – and is being widely recognised by businesses owners as a worthwhile investment in security.

CCTV offers a highly effective deterrent as the sight of the cameras alone is usually enough to deter most thieves or intruders. However, it’s important that cameras are located in the right places to maximise protection; for example over doors ways, low windows, reception areas and car parks. Our team have extensive experience in installing CCTV systems in a wide range of different business premises including offices, shops, factories and warehouses, and will use their expertise to ensure your business has the protection it needs.

Here are some examples of how installing a CCTV system could benefit your business:

  • CCTV cameras can be installed in the interior and exterior of your business premises to provide additional protection for particular areas. If you have a shop, for example, placing a camera above an area that’s out of sight is a great way to keep an eye on what’s going on and reduce theft. Many businesses owners choose to install cameras in a reception area, whilst some use CCTV throughout their premises to monitor staff and minimise internal theft.
  • The latest CCTV systems are designed to be used in conjunction with a computer app which, when installed on a mobile phone, tablet or laptop, will enable you to monitor images regardless of where you are. This is a great way to provide yourself with peace of mind.
  • CCTV systems store clear images which can prove invaluable in an insurance claim or for giving evidence to the police.
  • When installed in conjunction with an alarm system, CCTV provides unbeatable round-the-clock protection for your business premises.
  • At Dalec we stock a range of analogue and digital CCTV systems, with options suitable for all budgets and requirements. Our team will provide you with specialist advice on the most suitable system for you, helping you choose a system which gives you the level of protection you need.

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If you would like to find out more about the benefits installing a CCTV system could offer your business, please get in touch to arrange for a no-obligation quote. Our services are available throughout Yorkshire and appointments can be arranged at a time to suit you. Contacting Dalec is easy; simply call 01535 606 006 or email