Fire safety advice for landlords in Leeds

The tragic fire which recently devastated Grenfell Tower in London is a shocking reminder of the importance of fire safety in high-rise buildings. As the events at Grenfell Tower have shown, fire safety is something which cannot be compromised upon and is something which is literally a matter of life and death for landlords.

Here at Dalec we have many years of experience in providing fire and electrical services for landlords, including the installation, maintenance and servicing of fire alarm systems, heat and smoke detectors.

Obviously prevention is so much better than cure and when it comes to fire protection in high rise buildings, the installation of smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors will greatly reduce the risk of death or injury.

The rule of thumb where smoke alarms are concerned is that the more you have the better. Having multiple alarms gives tenants a much better chance of escape in the event of a fire but in large, multi-storey flats or tower blocks, a network of interconnected alarms is the safest option.

Of course there is a huge range of different fire alarm systems available, with options designed to meet the safety requirements of high-rise buildings, including flats and tower blocks. Different buildings call for different systems and here at Dalec we are happy to provide advice on the most suitable way to protect your tenants from the risk of fire.

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