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Access control systems installed in Yorkshire by Dalec

Access control systems have long been popular with businesses who want to control or monitor who has access to their business. However, in these unusual and uncertain times, installing an access control system is something increasing numbers of businesses are doing in an effort to protect their staff, clients and customers.

The access control systems we install are designed to be tailored to suit individual businesses; from small and medium-sized premises, through to large corporate premises, businesses based across several sites, government buildings and universities. Installing access control will enable you to secure sensitive areas, whilst also checking and controlling who is allowed to enter your businesses premises, therefore providing a highly effective way to screen visitors.

It’s also worth mentioning that basic access control systems are proving a useful way to protect vulnerable homeowners by offering them a way to communicate with callers without face-to-face contact. Simple and cost-effective to install, access control systems are ideal for all types of domestic properties, including those with shared entrances.

Last and by no means least, we’d like to reassure our customers that we are closely following all Government and Public Health England Directives, ensuring that the safety of our customers and colleagues is a priority at all times.

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