Security solutions designed to protect businesses from crime

Although we don’t have the business crime statistics* for 2018 yet, the figures for 2017 that the number of crimes against businesses continues to rise. Many people assume that most crimes against businesses are theft such as shoplifting and vandalism. However, this is not the case and whether we’re talking about assaults, threatening behaviour, fraud or internal theft, it is essential that you take adequate steps to protect your staff, customers and business assets.

Robust security systems for the wholesale and retail sector

Shoplifiting, assaults and threats where at their highest in the wholesale and retail sector since 2012, with 24% of businesses experiencing shoplifting and 10% experiencing assaults and threats. Whilst these figures are alarming, there’s lots you can do to increase the security of your businesses. CCTV provides an extremely effective solution, with options suitable for the vast majority of businesses. The sight of a camera alone is usually enough to deter most thieves, whilst video evidence can prove invaluable when it comes to giving evidence or in the event of an insurance claim.

A security alarm offers an excellent way to protect your business whilst it is closed, whilst an access control system can help to make back room or office staff feel more secure. In addition, the security and wellbeing of shop floor staff can be improved with the installation of a panic button.

Security solutions for agricultural, forestry and fishing businesses

2017 also saw an increase in businesses in this sector being affected by robbery. The very nature of these businesses mean that expensive assets such as machinery, equipment and livestock are outside and exposed. However, simple steps such as the installation of security lighting and CCTV can provide highly effective protection. The latest CCTV systems make the use of ‘smart’ technology which means that images can be viewed on a smart phone, regardless of where you are, providing you with peace of mind and the ability to check on the security of your businesses.

Security for manufacturers

Shoplifting has yet again risen in this sector and in 2017 affected 5% of manufacturing businesses. Whether we’re talking about customer theft, internal theft or fraud, the effects can be devastating so with this in mind, it’s important to install the right security solutions. CCTV is ideal for manufacturing businesses of all sizes as cameras can be positioned throughout a premises, regardless of size. Access control can also prove beneficial and offers an effective way protect areas used to store valuable stock or sensitive data. The exterior of a manufacturing business is often left exposed, however the installation of CCTV, security lighting and car park barriers will ensure a significant improvement.

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