Electrical plug socket safety

Electrical safety advice from our electricians in Leeds

Sadly the misuse of electrical products is the main cause of accidental house fires in the UK and unfortunately this number has increased significantly over the last decade.

Our increasing reliance on technology means that our homes tend to be full of electrical items, IT equipment and appliances. These days the average home is likely to contain at least two TVS, games console, set-top box satellite receiver, laptop, smart phones…the list is almost endless! This huge increase in the number of electrical items we own means that the risk of electrical accidents in the home is much higher than it was in the past.

Simple electrical safety tips from Dalec

As regular readers of our blog will know, here at Dalec we’re keen to get the electrical safety message across. With this in mind; we thought we’d give you a few simple tips on how to stay safe when using electrical items at home:

  • Always register new electrical items with the manufacturer – they should contact you in the event of a product fault/product recall. If you have an item which has been recalled, stop using it immediately!
  • Always buy electrical items from a well-known reputable supplier and look for the safety kite mark.
  • It’s essential that you ensure that the electrics in your home are up to scratch. If you see burn marks on electrical sockets, or smell burning, seek professional advice immediately.
  • Never overload sockets! If you don’t have enough sockets ask a professional, qualified electrician to install some for you.
  • Never try to repair electrical items yourself. Small items such as irons, kettles, hairdryers etc. are often cheaper to replace than to repair.
  • If the wiring in your home is very old, or you are concerned about its condition, seek professional advice immediately.

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