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Security Lighting for business or home

Nights are starting to lengthen as we approach daylight savings time. As a consequence of this burglars are generally starting to see more opportunity, so now is a better time than ever to invest in security lighting. Security lighting offers  a highly efficient, cost effective way to improve the security on your business premises.

There is a wide range of different options available with flood lighting, with LED being the most popular, and here’s why;

  •  LED offers an effective way to get maximum intensity lighting 

LED light bulbs are proven to last 25 times longer than regular bulbs(incandescent), and therefore will be more efficient for security purposes. 

  • whilst also being good for the environment.

LED light bulbs are very environmentally friendly in fact, studies have proven that regular bulbs will use up to 5 times more energy 

  • Cost effective 

Regular lightbulbs are proven to be a lot less cost effective than using LED bulbs. LED bulbs are proven to be 25 times more cost effective than regular bulbs, in the long run.

Security lighting and floodlights installed in Leeds by Dalec.

To get the maximum benefit from security lighting it is important that they are installed by professional electricians. Lights need to be carefully positioned in strategic areas with close consideration paid to the potential effects on neighbouring properties.

Here at Dalec we have many years of experience in installing security lighting and floodlights for business customers in Leeds. To find out more or to arrange for a free, no obligation quote, please get in touch by calling 01535 606 006 or email sales@dalec.co.uk.