Alarms in Leeds

If you are lucky, you will never have to deal with the trauma of burglary. Yet this issue will affect most people at some point in their life. One way to take precautionary steps to avoid serious suffering is by installing a burglar alarm. Fortunately, when you are looking for the best alarms Leeds has to protect you, you can turn to Dalec.

There are numerous reasons to consider a security system, regardless of whether you wish to protect your home or workplace and by installing a decent alarm, you will not only protect your property and contents, but also your family or employees. Whilst an alarm system might initially seem unnecessary, for very little expense it could save you a fortune in the long run.

Domestic and Commercial alarms for the Leeds area

Here at Dalec, we provide a range of alarm systems for both domestic and commercial properties throughout the North of England. By combining our expertise and knowledge to help you find the right level of security and protection that you require, you can sleep at night, safe in the knowledge that your property is protected.

Your home will undoubtedly be the most expensive investment that you ever make and as such, it is hardly surprising that you will want to keep it safe. As such, it can sometimes be worrying to leave your home empty and vulnerable to thieves who won’t care what value your possessions hold to you personally – be it monetary or emotional.

Criminals will almost certainly avoid a property that has a security system installed in preference to one that doesn’t, since it only makes sense that they will opt for a lesser-secured property that doesn’t carry the same risk. As such, the mere presence alone of a security system might mean the difference between being burgled or not.

Commercial properties need the best alarms Leeds has to offer. Employees must be kept safe, especially if they work into the evening when there is less security available. Additionally, expensive equipment, materials, and goods must be protected, in order to keep your business running smoothly and to meet customer demands. Goods lost due to robbery can have a serious impact on a company’s success, as well as worker morale.

Irrespective of the type of commercial premises that you own, be it a shop, warehouse or office, Dalec can provide you with specific security alarm systems to suit your exact requirements. Our systems can be fully integrated with CCTV, thus providing additional protection for your employees and property.

No obligation security survey in Leeds

Whether you are looking for domestic or commercial alarm systems, at Dalec, we offer a free, no-obligation security survey. One of our experts will give your property a detailed examination and discuss your specific concerns in order to design the right security system for your needs, ensuring that it is helpful and not a hindrance.

Dalec install alarm systems at a time to suit our particular customers and understand that an installation outside of business hours is likely to be preferable so that no valuable work time is lost. Likewise, we appreciate that many customers will not want strangers in their home when they are absent and as such, all of our engineers work around the clock to include evenings and weekends to ensure the most appropriate installation time to suit your particular requirements.

Dalec provides the added benefit of a 24-hour customer support service with an emergency call out option if required. Your new security system will come with a comprehensive maintenance and warranty contract to ensure that any faults are dealt with as the utmost urgency. Because Dalec provide a specifically designed system, combined with a wealth of experience and legal expertise, we can with confidence guarantee that we offer some of the finest alarms Leeds has at its disposal.

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