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Is your business protected by an access control system?

Do you have access control security systems in your business? If not, your business could be vulnerable to theft and even break ins. Business environments are often very fast paced so it’s understandable if security is low on the priority list for many business owners. However, access control is becoming more and more popular as it’s a very efficient way to keep the building safe.  

Access keys are simple security systems that are designed to help businesses monitor people coming in and out of the building. They provide a very powerful countermeasure against thefts and break ins inside the business, helping to protect valuable stock or sensitive areas. This is especially if you have a large office environment as it can be hard to realise how many people are coming in and out of the building. 

The aim of access keys is to keep businesses secure and monitor everyone who comes in and out of the building. There are lots of options for access control for different buildings from key cards/FOBs to keypads. Nowadays it also possible to install a system which uses facial recognition or fingerprint scanning. The best thing about access control is its efficiency and ease of use.

Access control systems installed in Leeds

Dalec UK ltd are Gold Partner Installers of Net2. Net2 is an advanced PC based Access solution which offers centralised administration and control of sites. From one to thousands of doors and with up to 50,000 users, Net2 offers comprehensive protection for businesses of all types and sizes. Here at Dalec we recommend you get access control for your business and if you’re looking for a an installation specialist in Leeds, why not get in touch with us for further information?