If you run your own business, you’ll understand how important adequate security can be to protect your staff, customers and property.

At Dalec we are specialists in the installation of a wide range of CCTV systems, varying in complexity from simple systems, through to tailor-made systems designed to offer complete protection.

CCTV is known to be one of the very best ways to protect a business against theft or vandalism and thanks to significant improvements in technology over recent years, CCTV systems can now offer mobile visual access to your property, offering you 24/7 reassurance that your business is protected.

There have also been massive improvements in the technology behind security cameras and monitors, with products capable of taking up to 1650 images using a smart card.  Images can then be downloaded from a smart card (through a smart card reader) straight onto a PC.  This type of system really is incredibly easy to use and is simple to move to other locations which may not be covered by a hard wire system.

From experience we know that our business customers really appreciate efficient security systems that are easy to use and will actually prevent costly losses or damage.  Whether you would like further information on protecting your business or for a free quote, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.