Commercial Security Leeds

Security solutions for commercial businesses in Leeds

Christmas is just a month or so away and if you own a commercial business; the chances are the lead-in time before the festive season will be very busy for you. With this in mind, now is a great time to review the security of your commercial premises to ensure that it’s safe secure and protected, now and throughout the year.

How to protect your business from crime

The importance of having a well-lit property should never be underestimated. Properties which burglars can sneak in and out of undetected are far more likely to be targeted. In addition, a lack of outdoor lighting is often seen as a general lack of attention to security so make sure yours is protected by exterior security lighting.

You might be surprised to learn that signage can prove to be a simple, yet highly effective way of deterring intruders. Putting up a sign to show that your property is protected by a CCTV system and an alarm could discourage less-skilled, opportunistic thieves from attempting a break-in.

Access control systems installed by Dalec

An access control system can also be extremely helpful and one that is linked to a deadlock will prove a real challenge for most criminals. Access control is also a good way to keep control over your premises, enabling you to hand our temporary access codes to staff, rather than handing out keys which can have a habit of being mislaid or misused.

Just as you would at your own home, it’s also important to be alert to any unusual activity. This might include people hanging around outside your property, whether they are on foot or in a vehicle, or individuals going back and forth for no apparent reason.

CCTV – your eyes and ears when you can’t be there

It’s important to bear in mind, however, that prevention is always better than a cure and this is where an alarm system comes into play. Your property is probably already protected by an alarm but it’s well worth having an automated system instead of a standard one. There is a wide range of systems on the market which are designed to allow you to view CCTV images remotely; from your smartphone, tablet or a laptop. In addition you’d also be able to receive instant notifications if any activity is detected, enabling you to monitor security as and when you need to.

Contact Dalec for advice on how to protect your commercial business

Here at Dalec we have many years of experience in providing commercial property owners with effective security solutions. Our services are available to businesses throughout Leeds and West Yorkshire and we’d be delighted to provide you with further advice or talk through your requirements with you. Remember that security your commercial property isn’t necessarily cheap but the cost of any steps you take will be far outweighed by the cost of theft.