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The best way to shield your property or business from the risk of fire is through the installation of a reliable fire alarm system. At Dalec UK Ltd we have years of experience in planning and installing fire alarms throughout Haworth and will work closely with you to install a system which offers a degree of fire protection that fits your individual needs.Our skilled team operates throughout the Haworth area and we offer our range of electrical and fire alarm installation services to domestic and business customers. Our company offers installation services for a broad range of different fire alarm systems; from the installation of straightforward smoke alarms right through to advanced systems, designed to offer complete fire protection for large properties and commercial premises.When installing a fire alarm system, we understand that for the system to be as reliable as possible, it has to be designed to meet the unique requirements of the customer. Thanks to their many years of experience in installing effective fire alarms Haworth wide, our skilled technical team will fit a fire alarm system that is designed to be perfectly suited to your requirements. In order to help simplify the wide range of different fire alarm systems that are currently available, the various systems are usually divided into categories, with each category designated by a letter. Fire alarm systems in the ‘M’ category – ‘M’ signifies manual – must by operated by hand to trigger the evacuation of the building. Because alarms in the ‘M’ category provide a very basic level of protection against fire; they are not appropriate for fitting in buildings where people are likely to sleep.Alarms in the ‘P’ category provide protection throughout a building and will immediately contact the fire alarm when a fire is located. An increased level of protection can be integrated into this type of alarm system, with additional fire protection in specified areas of a building which may be at greater risk of fire.Alarms in the ‘L’ group – ‘L’ signifies life – are the most advanced type of alarm system available. ‘L’ alarms are designed to protect life and often include heat and smoke detectors in practically every space or void in the building. Very effective, this type of alarm offers the earliest possible warning and is ideal for use in premises such as hotels, care homes, schools or hospitals.Our broad range of home fire alarm systems provides levels of fire protection suitable for properties of each and every size. Our highly trained team operate and install fire alarms in Haworth and thanks to our many years of experience, we’ll work closely with you to ensure that your alarm system is designed to suit your lifestyle.As experts in the installation of alarm systems, we are also able to fit fire and security systems which provide total all round defence against the danger of fire and theft. Giving 24 hour protection, a full security and fire alarm system is a practical way to protect your loved ones or business from theft and fire. Whether you need the installation of simple heat or smoke detectors, or are considering an extensive fire alarm system, why not get in touch with us today for further details?