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A expertly fitted fire alarm system is the most effective way to safeguard your business or home from the risk of fire. At Dalec UK Ltd, we know that a fire alarm system should be installed to suit the individual needs of the customer and thanks to our numerous years of experience in installations, we now install reliable fire alarms throughout Skipton.Our knowledgeable team operates throughout the Skipton area and we offer our range of electrical and fire alarm installation services to domestic and business clients. Our installation systems are available for fire alarm systems of any complexity including full fire and security systems, tailor-made to provide all-round, effective security for buildings of any size.When fitting a fire alarm system, we know that for the system to be as effective as possible, it should be designed to meet the specific requirements of the customer. Thanks to their many years of experience in fitting effective fire alarms Skipton wide, our knowledgeable technical team will fit a fire alarm system that is designed to be perfectly suited to your needs. As there are a number of different types of fire alarm system on the market, the different types are generally classified by different letters. Fire alarm systems in the ‘M’ category – ‘M’ is short for manual – must by operated by hand to trigger the evacuation of the building. The alarms in this group offer only a basic level of protection and are not suitable for buildings or public places where there is a ‘sleep risk.’Alarms in the ‘P’ category provide coverage throughout a building and will automatically contact the fire alarm when a fire is detected. For buildings that might have hazardous areas, kitchens for example, ‘P’ category alarms can be designed to offer additional protection where required.For settings where the maximum level of protection is necessary, ‘L’ alarms are the best solution. ‘L’ alarms usually include smoke and heat detectors in every void in the building and are intended to provide the highest level of protection from fire. Because they are so effective at locating a fire at the earliest opportunity, ‘L’ category alarms are suitable for fitting in a wide variety of premises including care homes and hotels.Our broad range of residential fire alarm systems offers levels of fire protection ideal for properties of every size. Our highly trained team operate and install fire alarms in Skipton and thanks to our many years of experience, we’ll work closely with you to ensure that your alarm system is designed to suit your lifestyle.Together with our knowledge of fire alarm installations, we also offer installation services for reliable and effective security systems, ideal for business or home. An ideal way to protect your house or business, a full security and fire alarm system offers round-the-clock reassurance. If you’d like further details of our range of installation services, why not contact us today? We’re ready to help with electrical and fire alarm installation projects of all sizes.