Protecting your employees and assets from the risk of fire

If you run your own business protecting your employees and assets from the risk of fire is of paramount importance. Commercial buildings are covered by very fire regulations but ensuring you have a working alarm is not only important for protecting your business, it can also help prevent a loss of life.

The term ‘commercial building’ is used to cover any registered building which is used to generate a profit. A huge number of buildings fall into this category, including: retail and entertainment establishments, restaurants and dining premises, factories, industrial buildings, office buildings, garages and vehicle body shops.

Regardless of the size of the building, strict regulations cover the architectural design and the materials the building has been built from, along with adequate evacuation procedures which will vary according to the number of employees/people using the buildings. A range of different types of commercial fire alarm system available and here at Dalec we install, service and repair commercial fire alarms throughout Leeds.

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