CCTV installations in Leeds

We are an established electrical installations company, providing services for residential and business customers in Leeds and throughout West Yorkshire. We can help you protect your home from crime with a range of affordable security solutions.

CCTV is so much more affordable than it once was, making the technology a commonplace feature on residential properties. Whereas once CCTV cameras could only be found in car parks and shopping centres, making the most of the round-the-clock surveillance a CCTV system offers is a great way for homeowners to improve the security of their property.

Installing a CCTV system is far simpler than most people think and when used in combination with a security system, will ensure your home is protected from the risk of theft. However, if a CCTV system is as effective as possible, it must be carefully designed and installed to ensure maximum camera coverage.

24/7 security protection for your home and family

Here at Dalec our team have many years of experience in installing CCTV systems on a wide range of properties throughout Leeds and we’ll take a number of factors into consideration when planning a system for your home. We’ll look at the main entry points to your property, for example, assessing how secure they are and which require priority protection. Whether you’d like to give your driveway additional protection or feel that the back garden is a likely entry point for thieves, we’ll work with you to ensure your system meets your unique requirements.

We install CCTV systems suitable for use in a wide range of properties and to suit most budgets. CCTV provides exceptional protection and because it’s hard to put a price on the peace on mind that one of these systems can offer, why not consider installing one today?

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