Garden lighting and domestic electrical installations in Leeds

After the fantastic weather we’ve had over the Easter weekend, summer definitely seems just around the corner! With this in mind, installing garden lighting is a great way to ensure you get maximum use from your garden, enabling you to enjoy warm summer evenings sitting outside. A wide range of stunning garden lighting is available, from solar powered lighting designed to highlight planting and borders, through to lights designed to be recessed into decking, patios or paths.

Stay safe with professional electrical installations

Whilst there’s no denying that garden lighting can look absolutely stunning, as with any outdoor lighting/electrical installations, it must be installed correctly if it’s going to be safe. Electricity and water never mix and if badly installed lighting comes into contact with rainwater, water from a hose or even the morning dew, the results can be catastrophic.

Before installing garden lighting it’s essential that you check whether the lighting you want to use is safe and designed for use outdoors. Don’t be tempted to use indoor fairy lights, for example, and if you’re in any doubts as to the suitability of your chosen lighting, then don’t use it.

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As registered, qualified electricians in Leeds, here at Dalec we recommend that all garden lighting is installed by experienced electrical specialists such as ourselves. Our services are available to customers throughout Leeds and whether you’d like to obtain a quote or safety advice, we’d be delighted to help. Why not get in touch today?