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Business security systems designed and installed in Leeds by Dalec

All businesses, regardless of size, need to ensure that their staff and premises are adequately protected against crime. Unfortunately, many small businesses remain unprotected largely due to misconceptions about the cost of businesses security systems. However, here at Dalec we provide a wide range of highly effective security solutions, with options to suit small businesses with tight budgets.

Commercial security alarms

Security alarms offer an effective way to protect against theft, intruders and vandalism. Installing a security alarm will provide additional security for your business assets, whether physical or digital, by deterring would-be thieves from entering your premises. The complexity of the system you choose is likely to depend on your budget and it’s well worth bearing in mind that even a simple, bell only alarm will significantly help to improve the security of your business.

Access control systems

Access control systems offer a useful way to provide additional security and are ideal for protecting stock rooms or areas used to protect sensitive data. Furthermore, many businesses use access control systems to give front of house staff additional protection. A range of access control systems are available: from simple key pad systems, through to systems which use security cameras.


Last and by no means least, increasing numbers of small businesses are turning to CCTV in recognition of the unbeatable protection it provides. Offering the capability to monitor your businesses premises 24/7, access control can be used to protect its interior and exterior, helping to protect against burglary, vandalism and internal theft.

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