Business security systems installed in Leeds

Running a business is time consuming and the chances are that thinking about security is fairly low down on your list of priorities. However, security is vital for all businesses; even for sole-traders and SMEs so with this in mind, we thought we’d share our advice on some of the best ways to protect your staff, assets and profit.

You don’t need to have access to a huge budget to protect your business. From ensuring your business premises looks tidy to installing bright lighting and being friendly to customers, there are lots of simple ways to enhance security:

  • Keeping the outside of your business premises tidy is a great way to show that you take the running of your business seriously. Clear up litter and contact your local council if graffiti is a problem.
  • Make sure hedges, shrubs and planting are kept neat and cut back. Remember that overgrown hedges give potential intruders a place to hide.
  • Security lighting installed over entrance ways is a cost-effective way to improve security and deter potential intruders. A wide range of options are available including motion-sensor lighting and emergency lighting.
  • Consider installing an access control system. Access control offers an unbeatable way to monitor who has access to your premises and will make the expense and hassle of replacing lost keys a thing of the past.
  • Close blinds and switch off lights when you leave. This is an easy way to ensure valuable stock or equipment is out of sight.
  • If your business has its own car park you might want to consider installing a security barrier. This helps to protect your premises at night or out of hours and the cars parked in it during the day. In addition, security barriers offer yet another way to demonstrate that you take security seriously.
  • It sounds strange but being friendly to customers can actually help improve security! Saying hello when someone walks in is a great way to let them know that you’ve noticed them and that you’re aware of what they’re doing.
  • Last and by no means least, keep small expensive items such as laptops locked away at the end of the working day.

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