Helping Yorkshire’s landlords meet their electrical safety obligations

Here at Dalec we work with landlords throughout Yorkshire, providing them with a range of electrical services, designed to make electrical safety as straightforward as possible.

If you are a landlord, you’ll be all too aware of the extensive regulations which cover health and safety legislation for rental properties. It is the landlord’s responsibility to ensure that the electrical installations and appliances provided with the property are safe when the tenancy starts and are in safe working order for the duration of the tenancy. It is your responsibility as a landlord to carry out regular basic visual safety checks of electrical installations to make sure they are safe but when it comes to installations and electrical safety testing, for example, a fully qualified professional must carry out the work. This where the team at Dalec come in and here are just a few examples of our electrical services for landlords in Leeds:

  • Periodic inspections: the Electrical Safety Council’s latest guidelines recommend that periodic electrical inspections/tests are carried out by a qualified electrician at least every five years on when a tenancy changes. However, for multi-occupancy properties (including shared houses) there is a statutory requirement to carry out an inspection/tests every five years regardless.
  • Changes of tenancy: as mentioned above, inspections/tests are recommended on a change of tenancy.
  • Visual condition reports: these can be used as an alternative to a full test or inspection. However they must be carried out by a qualified electrician and are only suitable in cases where installations have been inspected and approved during the last two years.
  • Fire alarms: fire alarms must be tested on a regular basis and whilst routine tests can be carried out by a landlord or tenant, it is vital that a log book record is kept. At Dalec we are able to offer further advice on this and can provide fire alarm installations and servicing if required.

Our electrical services for landlords

Alongside the above services we also have the expertise to provide security alarm installations and maintenance, appliance installations and general electrical services. Whether you have one rental property or a large portfolio, our team has the expertise to offer services designed to meet your individual requirements.

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