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Business security is, of course, vital throughout the year, however the start of a New Year offers a great opportunity to review the systems and strategies you have in place. Whether your business is based in a small office or a large factory, ensuring you have adequate security protection will safeguard you staff and assets from theft and vandalism.

Protect your business with a security alarm installed by Dalec

A reliable security alarm is essential for all businesses. If your alarm is outdated, unreliable or you don’t have one at all, we can help you choose a system that’s right for your business premises and budget. The security alarms we install range from complex systems designed to be integrated with emergency lighting and fire protection systems, through to simple bell-only alarms.

CCTV installations

CCTV is ideal for businesses of all shapes and sizes; providing enhanced protection for the interior and/or interior of your business premises. Ideal for improving the security of outdoor areas such as loading bays, car parks and entrance points, CCTV can also be used to protect stock rooms, reception areas and more. Whether your business needs the protection of just one camera or several, we’ll install a system which provides additional security and peace of mind.

Access control

Installing an access control system is a simple, cost-effective way to improve the security of your business. Perfect for businesses with shared entrances, protecting sensitive areas or rooms used to keep stock and equipment, access control will enable you to safeguard your staff and premises.

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Electrical safety advice from Dalec electricians in Leeds

If you’ve seen the news today you might already be aware that Whirlpool have announced a product recall for some models of their Hotpoint and Indesit washing machines. This isn’t the first time that product safety has been an issue for Whirlpool as models of their tumble dryers have been blamed for a number of serious house fires. With this in mind, we thought we’d remind you of the importance of taking notice of product recalls and the danger of using faulty electrical goods in your home.

Up to 519,000 washing machines will be recalled due to a fault with the door lock which could result in them posting a fire risk. This latest product recall covers models which were manufactured between October 2014 and February 2018. If you think you have one of these washing machines, it is essential that you stop using your machine and get in touch with Whirlpool as soon as possible.

For further information please see:

Electrical safety in the home

Faulty, damaged or old appliances can pose a significant fire risk and should not be used. It’s also important to be ensure the electrics in your home are up to standard and signs that there could be a problem include: scorch or burn marks or a smell of burning. If you are concerned about any aspect of electrical safety in your home, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for advice or a free, no-obligation quote.

Electrical services Leeds

Electrical installations in Leeds

If you run your own business you’re likely to be well aware of your obligations when it comes to electrical safety. From ensuring electrical equipment is installed correctly through to regular electrical safety checks, the importance of electrical safety in the workplace is incredibly important and should never be underestimated.

No matter how large or small your business is, or whether you are based in a small office or a large factory, failure to ensure electrical safety can present a serious hazard to your staff, your property, your customers and your business. Here’s what you need to be aware of to ensure your business is safe and protected:

  • Carrying out a risk assessment of all electrical equipment is a good way to get started whilst helping you to understand the hazards that this type of equipment can present. It’s important to take note of hazards including trailing wires, exposed wiring, overloaded sockets, exposed live wires, incorrect use of cable connectors, faulty equipment or installations.

  • Make sure your staff have a clear understanding of how to report electrical hazards. Regular training is important and electrical safety should always be included in your induction programme for new members of staff.

  • Creating a health and safety chart is a good idea; by encouraging your staff to complete the chart with details of any hazards they come across you’ll be helping to ensure they understand the importance of electrical safety and to prevent potentially dangerous issues from occurring.

  • Regular visual checks are essential and whilst you don’t always need to carry out checks on small, battery-powered items, it’s a good idea to check mains adaptor plugs and cables for signs of wear and tear.

  • Whilst you don’t need a professional electrician to plug in your new computer for you, the skills of a professional are required for all electrical repair work and installations such as plug sockets and light switches.

Contact Dalec to find out more

At Dalec we offer a wide range of cost effective services for businesses in Leeds and throughout Yorkshire. From electrical safety checks and assessments, through to installations, repairs and more, we can help you ensure your businesses is running safely and your staff are protected.

To find out more or to obtain a free, no-obligation quote, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling 01535 606006.

Electrical plug socket safety

Electrical safety advice from our electricians in Leeds

Sadly the misuse of electrical products is the main cause of accidental house fires in the UK and unfortunately this number has increased significantly over the last decade.

Our increasing reliance on technology means that our homes tend to be full of electrical items, IT equipment and appliances. These days the average home is likely to contain at least two TVS, games console, set-top box satellite receiver, laptop, smart phones…the list is almost endless! This huge increase in the number of electrical items we own means that the risk of electrical accidents in the home is much higher than it was in the past.

Simple electrical safety tips from Dalec

As regular readers of our blog will know, here at Dalec we’re keen to get the electrical safety message across. With this in mind; we thought we’d give you a few simple tips on how to stay safe when using electrical items at home:

  • Always register new electrical items with the manufacturer – they should contact you in the event of a product fault/product recall. If you have an item which has been recalled, stop using it immediately!
  • Always buy electrical items from a well-known reputable supplier and look for the safety kite mark.
  • It’s essential that you ensure that the electrics in your home are up to scratch. If you see burn marks on electrical sockets, or smell burning, seek professional advice immediately.
  • Never overload sockets! If you don’t have enough sockets ask a professional, qualified electrician to install some for you.
  • Never try to repair electrical items yourself. Small items such as irons, kettles, hairdryers etc. are often cheaper to replace than to repair.
  • If the wiring in your home is very old, or you are concerned about its condition, seek professional advice immediately.

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Here at Dalec we offer a wide range of electrical services for residential and business customers throughout Leeds. If you would like to find out more, or to obtain a free, no-obligation quote, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Building Control Security

Building control systems installed in Leeds by Dalec

Here at Dalec we are leading installers of building control systems in Leeds. Designed to provide complete control over lighting, heating, air conditioning, intruder and fire alarms, the building control systems we install can be integrated with existing building infrastructure systems.

We install net10, a state of the art system which provide out of the box access control, IP video management and building automation. Convenient and easy to use, net10 utilises a fully integrated access control, IP video management and building automation system, whilst interfacing with fire and intruder alarms. Net10 can be scaled up or down to suit your individual requirements and will intelligently control appliances within a building, helping you to manage and reduce the amount of energy used.

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We have many years of experience in installing building control systems in Leeds. To find out more or to obtain a free, no-obligation quote, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling 01535 606006 or email

Commercial Security Leeds

Security solutions for commercial businesses in Leeds

Christmas is just a month or so away and if you own a commercial business; the chances are the lead-in time before the festive season will be very busy for you. With this in mind, now is a great time to review the security of your commercial premises to ensure that it’s safe secure and protected, now and throughout the year.

How to protect your business from crime

The importance of having a well-lit property should never be underestimated. Properties which burglars can sneak in and out of undetected are far more likely to be targeted. In addition, a lack of outdoor lighting is often seen as a general lack of attention to security so make sure yours is protected by exterior security lighting.

You might be surprised to learn that signage can prove to be a simple, yet highly effective way of deterring intruders. Putting up a sign to show that your property is protected by a CCTV system and an alarm could discourage less-skilled, opportunistic thieves from attempting a break-in.

Access control systems installed by Dalec

An access control system can also be extremely helpful and one that is linked to a deadlock will prove a real challenge for most criminals. Access control is also a good way to keep control over your premises, enabling you to hand our temporary access codes to staff, rather than handing out keys which can have a habit of being mislaid or misused.

Just as you would at your own home, it’s also important to be alert to any unusual activity. This might include people hanging around outside your property, whether they are on foot or in a vehicle, or individuals going back and forth for no apparent reason.

CCTV – your eyes and ears when you can’t be there

It’s important to bear in mind, however, that prevention is always better than a cure and this is where an alarm system comes into play. Your property is probably already protected by an alarm but it’s well worth having an automated system instead of a standard one. There is a wide range of systems on the market which are designed to allow you to view CCTV images remotely; from your smartphone, tablet or a laptop. In addition you’d also be able to receive instant notifications if any activity is detected, enabling you to monitor security as and when you need to.

Contact Dalec for advice on how to protect your commercial business

Here at Dalec we have many years of experience in providing commercial property owners with effective security solutions. Our services are available to businesses throughout Leeds and West Yorkshire and we’d be delighted to provide you with further advice or talk through your requirements with you. Remember that security your commercial property isn’t necessarily cheap but the cost of any steps you take will be far outweighed by the cost of theft.


home security wireless alarms

Give your home the protection it deserves with a domestic CCTV system installed by Dalec

CCTV offers an extra level of security; providing a highly visible deterrent that will put thieves off attempting to enter your home. Here at Dalec we work with homeowners throughout Leeds, designing and installing domestic CCTV systems to suit all budgets and requirements.

Whether you live in a flat, terrace or large detached house, our team has the expertise to design and install a system to give your home the protection it needs. Thanks to developments in technology many systems now operate without the need for cabled broadband – the cameras we install will provide you with crystal clear images which you’ll be able to view using an app on your smartphone or tablet.

CCTV cameras are suitable for installation either on the exterior of your home, inside the property or both. Designed to provide a reliable way to check on what’s going on regardless of where you might be, installing CCTV is an invaluable way to give yourself peace of mind.

Contact Dalec

Whether you’re looking for a state-of-the-art camera system, designed to work in conjunction with a security alarm, or are looking for something simpler, we’d be delighted to help. To find out more about how we can help you give your home the protection it deserves, get in touch with Dalec by calling 01535 606 006.

led office lighting

Commercial fit out services provided by Dalec

Here at Dalec we provide a wide range of electrical services throughout Leeds and West Yorkshire. Our commercial fit out services form a significant part of our business and over recent years we’ve worked with a diverse range of businesses and organisations including including Leeds City College, South Trafford College, the Professional Footballers Association, Quaker Oats and the NHS.

Working in close partnership with construction companies, heavy industry and blue chip corporations has provided us with a wide range of experience in commercial fit out projects of all sizes. However we’re pleased to report that we’ve still managed to keep out commitment to attention to detail and friendly customer service. We’ve worked on commercial fit out projects of all shapes and sizes, completing lighting, mains distribution, small power, data and fire alarm installations to name but a few.

Our dedicated project managers have the expertise to work closely with our clients, ensuring we deliver an efficient, cost-effective solution that will meet or exceed the standards set by Part L building control requirements.

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If you would like to find out more about our commercial fit out services in Leeds, or to talk through your requirements we’d be delighted to help. Why not get in touch with Dalec by calling 01535 606006 today?

bafe fire safety register

Ensure your business is protected from fire with our BAFE certified services

As a business owner you’ll be well aware of your responsibilities when it comes to fire safety. Here at Dalec we provide a wide range of fire safety and protection services for businesses and organisations throughout Yorkshire. We have been certified by BAFE; providing you with reassurance of our competency, expertise and the quality of the systems we install.

What is BAFE?

BAFE is an independent registration body for third party fire protection companies throughout the UK. Choosing a BAFE Certified fire safety installer such as Dalec is your guarantee of quality and high standards. To achieve competency we have been assessed in a range of areas including the provision of fire risk assessments, fire alarm services, emergency lighting, fire extinguisher maintenance and more. Regardless of whether you need the design and installation of a fire alarm or emergency lighting system, we are a fully registered BAFE company.

We work with businesses and organisations throughout Yorkshire and the North of England, providing a wide range of services including:

  • fire detection systems including specialist systems such as smoke aspirating systems
  • full fire alarm installation services
  • fire prevention systems for industrial buildings and estates
  • fire prevention systems for hospitals, public buildings, health centres and commercial premises
  • full fire alarm system maintenance

Our experience covers systems of all sizes, enabling us to offer packages which can be tailored to suit the individual requirements of our clients. To find out more about how we can help you ensure the safety of your staff, clients, customers or residents, get in touch with Dalec by calling 01535 606006.

home wireless burglar alarm fitting yorkshire

Home security solutions installed in Leeds

Unfortunately the long, dark nights of autumn and winter often spark an increase in burglaries. Prevention is definitely better than cure and rather than keeping your fingers crossed and hoping for the best, it’s much better to install a security system before the worst happens.

Here at Dalec we have the expertise to design and install a security system which suits your budget and requirements. From state of the art smart alarms, through to CCTV or basic bell only alarm systems, we’ll find a solution that provides you with peace of mind.


CCTV is an increasingly popular way for homeowners to protect their homes, providing an effective deterrent and reassurance. Thanks to developments in technology, a range of affordable systems are now available, designed to provide clear images which can be viewed on your smartphone or tablet. We have the expertise to install a system to suit you, including CCTV cameras which are designed to be integrated with a security alarm.

Security alarms

No home should be without a working security alarm and here at Dalec we install systems suitable for all types of property. Our Starter Alarm Package offers exceptional value for money and for just £399 + VAT we’ll install a Risco wireless alarm panel, complete with pet-friendly detectors, a door contact and wireless fob. We also offer the option to add extra security features to the system including shock sensors, a wireless smoke detector and signalling to a monitor centre.

Security lighting

Security lighting offers a low-cost, fuss-free way to enhance the security of your home. We have the expertise to install everything from motion control lighting through to dusk-until-dawn lighting, providing you with extra security and reassurance.

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