CCTV designed to provide unbeatable protection

CCTV systems installed in homes and businesses in Leeds

CCTV is now widely recognised as one of the most effective security solutions available. Whereas it was once the preserve of shopping centres and multi-storey car parks, CCTV is now widely used in domestic properties and all types of business premises.

The sight of a CCTV camera alone is often enough to deter all but the most determined thieves and here at Dalec we can work with you to design and install a system to meet your requirements. CCTV offers a great way to protect your home or business against theft, vandalism or attack and we can provide a system which offers the level of protection you need.

A wide range of systems are available and thanks to improvements in technology and the widespread availability of wireless broadband, it is now possible to have visual access to a property without the need for an ‘installed’ service. We have the expertise to design, supply and install a wide range of systems; from state-of-the-art HD CCTV designed to protect large areas, through to basic systems ideal for most domestic properties.

Image quality has also seen a massive improvement and unlike the grainy images recorded by older systems, today’s cameras offer the capability to provide crystal clear pictures. Not only is this a great way to help improve security, the images recorded can also be used to provide evidence to the police in the event of a break in.

For the highest level of security, an integrated CCTV and intruder alarm system is pretty hard to beat. The integrated systems we install will enable you to receive instant notifications, snap shots of images and even live video – all received via your mobile phone or mobile device.

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