Don’t give thieves a chance – deter burglars with a security alarm installed by Dalec

Security alarms installed in Leeds

We sometimes get calls from customers who’ve just been burgled and want to have a security alarm installed. This can be very frustrating as we know that in many cases, a burglar alarm provides enough of a deterrent to put an intruder off entering a property.

Burglar alarms have long been recognised as one of the most effective security measures it’s possible to take and by installing an alarm now, rather than waiting until the worst happens, you’ll be taking a positive step towards protecting your home and family. Thanks to developments in technology, modern wireless alarms are quick and easy to install, with very little requirement for disruptive, messy drilling, with options suitable for all budgets.

At Dalec we are qualified alarm installers in Leeds and our team has the expertise to install alarms homes of all types and sizes. We’ll work with you to fit a system which gives you the protection you need at a price that’s right for you, ensuring all potential access points to your home are covered. In addition, a number of alarm systems are now available which are designed to be linked to mobile phone or tablet apps, offering you the capability to monitor the security of your home, regardless of where you are.

Upgrade the security of your home with a CCTV system

For the ultimate in home security a combined alarm and CCTV system is pretty hard to beat. CCTV can be used to monitor the interior and exterior of your home, providing you with clear images which can be used in the event of a break in. However the sight of a CCTV camera alone is enough to put off the majority of intruders, helping to make CCTV a highly effective security tool for residential properties.

Alarm installations for residential customers in Leeds

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of protecting your home with an alarm system or CCTV, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to arrange a free, no-obligation quote.